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The Odum School of Ecology at the University of Georgia is devoted to shaping the future of ecological inquiry and application to better understand our rapidly changing planet. Named for founder Eugene P. Odum, we are celebrating 50 years of innovative interdisciplinary research, public service, and educating the next generation of ecologists and citizens.

Eureka Water Probes designs and manufactures water quality instrumentation to monitor our world’s fragile water supplies. Eureka’s Manta+ multiparameter sondes, software, and data collection platforms are used to monitor surface and ground water quality. Eureka’s multiprobes are easy to use, provide reliable data, comes with a three-year warranty. and operate in the toughest field conditions. Eureka partners with industry, environmental agencies, educational institutions, and engineering consulting groups to provide turn-key monitoring solutions. Multiprobes built for the field technician.

Founded in 2005, Wolf Creek Engineering was established with the goal of building an engineering and environmental consulting practice that would be a market leader in innovative designs and client service. In pursuit of this goal we have focused on developing stream and wetland restoration projects that add value to society and the natural environment. With each new challenge we continue to seek opportunities to go beyond conventional approaches in order to maximize natural functions, improve habitat, protect existing natural resources and engage the broader community in experiencing the natural environment.

Otak is an integrated firm distinguished by the diverse skills of our urban designers, planners and engineers. We are passionate, talented and dedicated to helping clients envision and create sustainable communities. We deliver community-based projects with global perspectives. We are your partners from concept to completion. We are Otak.

Trutta Environmental Solutions developed the High Definition Stream Survey (HDSS) method to rapidly gather continuous geo-referenced data by integrating GPS, video, depth, water quality and other sensors. Results from HDSS data can be used to determine the extent and distribution of instream habitat, locate areas that contribute to poor stream conditions, define the geomorphic condition for the stream, identify infrastructure impacts, document restoration results, provide critical information in watershed planning, be used in MS4 permitting, and provide a powerful “virtual tour” experience to bring the field into the office. HDSS allows surveys for up to 20 miles of stream per day with data collected every meter. The HDSS data collection technique will change the data-poor stream lines in current GIS maps to a high-resolution habitat layer. The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency recently funded a HD Stream Survey on the Caney Fork below Center Hill Dam and produced a short 7 minute video about the benefits of our methods which you are more than welcome to share.